2015 Summer grading

Saturday 28 November 2015 marked the day for the academy’s second grading of the year. All the student came ready to show their skill and prove their level of knowledge.

IMG_6127     IMG_7015

IMG_6136     IMG_5923

IMG_6169     IMG_6177

Students were put through their paces with fitness, basics, pads & bag work as well as sparring to advanced to their next belts

IMG_6052     20151128_105212

20151128_105303     20151128_102131

IMG_6089     IMG_6093

Well done to everyone that took part and congratulations to all the students that passed. Now to prepare for the 2016 Winter grading

20151128_111339     20151128_110805

20151128_111415     20151128_110810(0)

20151128_110736     20151128_110743

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