STILL STANDING with Sors “GURU” Grobbelaar

We are proud to say we have our own YouTube channel now. Its calle STILL STANDING and its worth the look. What we basically do it show some of our favaroite techniques wth a bit of a breakdown on a weekly basis. Its also a oppertunity for local bussinesses (and anyone ell who would like to make use of the oppertunity) to promote their brand by “sponsoring” a weekly clip.


Please head on over to our channel in the link (  and view, like, subscribe and share our videos please. Anyone who would like o get on board and sponsor a clip, please let us know and we cant get your name out there as well. Below are the first 3 videos released.

And please, dont for get to share………………………..

Episide 1:

Episode 2:

Eposide 3:

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