2016 Winter Grading

On Saturday 4 June students of Scorpions Martial Arts and Brother Combat Institute had to brace the cold for the annual Winter grading.

IMG_8034     IMG_8175

IMG_8274     IMG_8261

IMG_8317     IMG_8308

IMG_8129     IMG_8099

IMG_8320     IMG_8060

Lucky enough the students managed to warm up fast enough and get a good sweat going. As always it was great to see the standard of all the students and the hard work they put in to progress to their next belts. Congratulations to each and every person and keep up the hard work.

IMG_7951     IMG_7945

IMG_7913     IMG_7725IMG_8018     20160604_125126(0)

20160604_125118     20160604_125155

Thank you to all the instructors and Black Belts that availed themselves for the day. Now we work for the Summer Grading in November/December.

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