Fight For Friends Foundation


Fight For Friends Foundation is n NPO that focuses on aiding those in need with generating funds where needed. Basically the foundation has people that literately fight for a cause close to their hearts or where help is needed and the monies generated through the fighters fight are donated to the beneficiary.


We use people in Combat Sports (AMATEUR and PROFFESIONAL) that want to make a difference and they market themselves on social media or any other form of media and the cause that they are fighting for. This can change from fight to fight (event to event) or can stay the same one for as long as the fighter wants to support the specific “Friend” It’s done with a sms system where a sms with key words (each fighter has his/her own specific one) is send by the people supporting their fighter to the allocated sms number (35002) ex “ffff sors”. The cost of the sms is R3 per sms and the profit on the R3 after network and admin fee by the service provider and Cellular Networks are deducted. The money get paid into the Foundations bank account after the Networks have scrutinized it and the service provider received it and then it’s paid out to the beneficiaries according to the amount of hits/sms’s for the respective fighters and their “Friends”.


We don’t only use fighters at F.F.F.F but anyone willing to help and make a difference. As long as somebody wants to market a cause/beneficiary by what means possible, we are happy to have them “Fight” with us. We also rely on donations and sponsors should someone want too, so the foundation can carry itself and to maintain its day to day expenses. All our “Fighters” basic details are kept on a data base so we know who is out there helping us fight.


We allow and encourage Cobat Sports/Martial Arts Gyms to display our logo in their premises, event banners or part of their marketing to show their involvement and aid in our objective by supporting us as fellow “Fighters”. As mentioned before the F.F.F.F isn’t just for Fighters but anyone, whether it be individuals or companies that wants to make a difference. The more we get the concept of F.F.F.F out there, the more people will support what we stand for and who we want to help.


We all at Fight For Friends Foundation have a common interest, and that’s to help someone that really needs assistance. Our slogan says “We fight for those who can’t” and there are so many “friends” in need. From animal welfare to the elderly, the ill to awareness campaigns, research to prosthetics and these are to name but a few. Fight For Friends Foundation need all the help we can get to make a difference in someone ells life and it doesn’t cost a cent, just some time doing what people do daily and that’s using social and other forms of media to market where we want to help.


Please help us help someone/something in need and lets make a difference together!

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