Introducing your new SA WAKO Pro Heavyweight K-1 Champions.

FB_IMG_1459113360902 Congratulations and well done to GURU for winning him title fight against Juan Bezuidenhout at CFL14 on 26 March 2016 to become the SA WAKO Pro Heavyweight K-1 champion.

FB_IMG_1460378304410     FB_IMG_1463993716868

FB_IMG_1460378444745     FB_IMG_1459113368304

It was a hard fight with Sors choosing his kicks and slowly chopped down Juan’s legs throughout the first and second round. Juan did not come out for the third round declaring Sors the victor of the bout.

FB_IMG_1463993737459     FB_IMG_1460378438595

FB_IMG_1460378434251     FB_IMG_1460378373277

FB_IMG_1460378350638     FB_IMG_1460378294488

FB_IMG_1460378370547     FB_IMG_1460378354496

We would also like to thank our loyal sponsors for the fight and hope to contentiou with our partnerships.

CFL 14

Thank you for all the support all the way from George as well as in Cape town at the event and on socila media from throughout.



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