About Us

Rape, assault and abuse is an every day thing in our society and the time we live in. The fact of the matter is, you can be a victim next and you have the opportunity to do something about it. “Any person who doesn’t want to allow himself or his/her children to learn/compete in any form of martial art or self defence, must probably be one of the most selfish people alive” This is a well known statement of  Sensei Sors Grobbelaar, owner and Head Instructor of Scorpions Martial Arts Academy-George.

Scorpions Martial Arts Academy was started in 1996 by Sensei Martin Roothman, a Double WPKA World Heavy Weight Full Contact Kickboxing Champion, when he moved to George from Welkom. He initially started off the Academy with his son, Martin Jr and Sors under Ring Contact Fighting Art, and has grown from strength to strength every day and has delivered numerous provincial, national en international champions in Kickboxing in the different affiliates and bodies it has belonged to since it was started. Since January 2009, Sensei Martin has established a new addition to the Scorpions family in Paarl where he resides now and is very involved with Boland Kickboxing.

Two Brothers Combat Institute was started in January 2011 by the two brothers Sors & Nantas to cater spesifically for Muaythai, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As Sors is a current Professional fighter in K-1, Muaythai and MMA with International experience, the Institute proves to have more than enough competent and experienced trainers that actually do what is expected of the fighters themselves. We belive that one should RESPECT all living things, there should be TRUTH in what you say or do and you should have HONOR in what you represent. These three words will form a strong foundation of a true WARRIOR

The club/ facility is the best equipped in the George region for the modes of combat it trains. With its own Cage for MMA, Boxing Ring for Kickboxing and Muaythai, two compition size Tatami’s for fitness, basics and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a dedicated weight training area and sport spesific training equipment, the gym caters for ALL it claims to trainand promises to give its students a proper workout in a disciplined, humble atmosphere.  These are the two most important characteristics of any Martial Artist, being disciplined and humble & respectful towards other people. At SMAA-George we believe that students/fighters shouldn’t be handled with white gloves as the person putting your life in danger or an opponent will want hurt you or win the fight. The choice still stays that of the student of what he/she wants out of training. Never the less, it is done in the serious, disciplined manner.





Kickboxing (K-1 & Low Kick included) is the main form of Martial Art SMAA-George trains and presents classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MAA and Muaythai as well with help from the Two Brothers Combat Institute. There are dedicated classes for each of these modes/forms of combat. Please see Times and Prices for more info on them. SMAA-George has always been committed to giving only the best it can offer to its students, and this includes affiliation to recognised bodies so the student has the opportunity to officially represent South Africa at international level should he/she qualify to do so as well as rewarding the sudents with a Student of the month award based on certian aspects of training and competing. Please see affiliations under Links to Friends and Student of the month for more info on them. Classes are not large, so much more individual attention to the students is guaranteed for better development and skill development. All in all, the one class complements the other, so it is recommended that student make use of the different classes being offered. We also cater for our “Little Stingers” (kids under 8 years old) with individual attention in their very own class.


SMAA-George is very committed to give back to its community. This is the reason why we are involved in community projects like self defence for female victims of abuse and assault and recently the Close Quarter Combat section of the SAPS perpetration for the Soccer World Cup that is to be hosted in South Africa in June/July 2010. Please view the Community Involvement and Fight For Friends Foundation tab for more information on our involvement.


The academy is Christian based and respects all people regardless of race, sex and religion. There is a zero tolerance policy for politics and hate speech as this a multi racial training facility where all people are equal.

Meet the Trainers / Coaches:

Sensei Sors Grobbelaar – Head Instructor:

Kickboxing, K1 & Low Kick (Scorpions MAA)

Muaythai, MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Two Brothers Combat Institute)



      Sensei Nantas Grobbelaar – Assistant Head Instructor

Fitness, Kickboxing, K1 (Scorpions MAA)

Muaythai & Conditioning (Two Brothers Combat Institute)


Oshidoshi Nicky Grobbelaar– Assistant Instructor: Kickboxing



Sensei Anne van der Merwe- National & Provincial Kickboxing Administartor

 Sensei Jannie van der Merwe- Assitant Instructor: Kickboxing

Oshidoshi Clinton Nel- Assistant Instructor: Kickboxing